Transmission Electron Microscopy

The Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) allows the user to determine the internal structure of materials, either of biological or non-biological origin to reveal the finest details of internal structure – in some cases as small as individual atoms. For biological samples, cell structure and morphology is commonly determined whilst the localization of antigens or other specific components within cells is readily undertaken using specialized preparative techniques.

The role of the TEM facility at NIRRH is to promote, support and initiate research and teaching in the applications of electron microscopy. The TEM at the institute has a resolution of 0.2nm at 100kV. Sub-cellular details are easily envisaged at magnifications of about 3×105. The facility is accessible to the scientists and students who require cellular biology-oriented high-resolution imaging.

The facility undertakes all the steps required for TEM including sample preparation, analysis at semithin levels followed by ultrathin sectioning and imaging. Users are expected to get the fixed samples in desired fixatives and participate actively in scanning and data analysis

Contact Person: Dr. Dipty Singh: 91-22-24192046