Dr. K V R Reddy








Scientist 'G' / (Director Grade)

Head, Division of Molecular Immunology & Microbiology (MIM)
Phone : +(91-22) 2419-2016
Email  : reddyk@nirrh.res.in

Academic Background

  • M.Sc. S. V. University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India (Zoology, Reproductive Physiology; 1981)
  • Ph.D. S. V. University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India (Reproductive Physiology; 1984)

Professional Experience

Senior Research Fellow Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, S.V. University , Andhra Pradesh , India 1982-1984
FDF Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, S.V. University , Andhra Pradesh , India 1985-1986
Senior Research Officer Central Sericulture Research and Training Institute (Central Silk Board), Mysore , India 1986-1994
Scientist NIRRH 1993-Till Date






Research Interests

  • Molecular aspects of vaginal mucosal immunology
  • Generation of Transgenic and knockout animal Models
  • Development & Pre-Clinical Evaluation of anti-HIV molecules
  • Development of male fertility kits

Awards & Achievements

  • Received Labhsetwar National Award for the year 2011
  • Senior Scientist Award from ICMR, worked at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, 2009-10
  • Visiting Scientist award, ICMR - Magee Women’s Research Institute, Pittsburgh, USA, 2005-2006
  • DBT Associateship Award - Worked at Centre for Reproductive Biomedicine, Kansas Medical Centre, Kansas, USA in 2005-2006.
  • Received Swarnakanta Dingley National Award, ICMR – 2005-2006.
  • Institutional award for Professional Excellence in research from NIRRH, 2002-2003.
  • CSB Research Associateship Award, Ministry of Commerce and Textiles, Govt. of India, Worked at National Institute of Sericulture, Zhenjiamg, China, 1993-1994.
  • More than 25 abstracts have been selected for International awards and presented the work at various Conferences held in various countries such as Austria, China, USA, South Africa, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

Publications (Last 10)

(Total peer reviewed manuscripts published: 206 )
  1. Sathe A and Reddy KVR . TLR9 and RIG-I signaling in human endocervical epithelial cells modulates inflammatory responses of macrophages and dendritic cells in vitro. PLoS ONE, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone. 9 : e83882, 2014
  2. Ayyar K, Saha D, Shroff A and Reddy KVR. MicroRNAs: the Key Regulators of PRR Signaling. International Trends in Immunity. 2: 116-121, 2014
  3. Ayan M, Koli S and Reddy KVR. Regulatory non-coding transcripts in spermatogenesis: shedding light on ‘dark matter’ Andrology. doi: 10.1111/j.2047 2927. 2014. 00183, 2014
  4. Sathe A, Ayyar K, Reddy KVR. MicroRNA let-7 in the spotlight: Role in innate immunity. Inflam Cell Signaling. 1: e109. doi: 10.14800/ics.109, 2014
  5. Ankit S, Ayyar K, Saha D and Reddy KVR. Host Autophagy Response: Friend or Foe in Reproductive Tract Infections. Microbiol Infect Dis. 2: 1-9, 2014
  6. Sathe A, Patgaonkar MS, Tahir B and Reddy KV. MicroRNA let 7f: A novel regulator of innate immune responses in human endocervical cells. Am. J. Rep. Immunol. 8: 319-336, 2014
  7. Saha D, Patgaonkar M, Ankit S , Ayyar, Tahir B and Reddy KVR. Hemoglobin expression in non erythroid cells: Novel or Ubiquitous? International Journal of Inflammation., 1-8, Article ID 803237, 2015
  8. Swanand K, Ayan M and Reddy. Retinoic acid triggers c-kit gene expression in spermatogonial stem cells through an enhanceosome constituted between transcription factor binding sites RARE, PFI1 PU.1 and ETS. Rep. Fert. Dev. 3: 112-237, 2015
  9. Tahir B, Patgaonkar M, Kumar C , Pasi, AR and Reddy KVR. HbAHP-25, an In-Silico designed peptide, inhibits HIV-1 entry by blocking gp120 binding to CD4 receptor. PLoS ONE. DOI:10.1371/0124839, 2015
  10. Ayan M, Swanand K and Reddy KVR. Rapamycin (Sirolimus) alters mechanistic target of rapamycin pathway regulation and microRNA expression in mouse meiotic spermatocytes. Andrology. 3:979-90, 2015


Present students

  • Mr. Swanand Koli P
  • Mr. Tahir Bashir
  • Ms. Debarchana Saha
  • Mr. Ankit Shroff
  • Ms. Kanchana Ayyar

Past students

  • Dr Rajeev Shrimali, S
  • Dr Vijayalakshmi, G
  • Dr Sachin Mangale, S
  • Dr Sadhana Gupta , M
  • Dr Arun Pratap, S
  • Dr. Roshan Yedery, D
  • Dr. Alhad Ketkar A
  • Dr. Mandar Patgaonkar, S
  • Dr. Ameya Sathe V
  • Dr. Ayan Mukherji (PDF)


(A) On going Projects

  1. Development and assessment of Resazurin Reduction Tests to assess the quality of sperm in men (Funded by WHO)
  2. Identification and characterization of polypeptides having antimicrobial activities from hemocytes/hemolymph of Indian mud crab Scylla serrata (Funded by DBT-ICMR)
  3. Generation of transgenic mouse model of male infertility to understand the basic mechanism of spermatogenesis in mice (Funded by Indo-US, DST)
  4. To delineate the role of rabbit vaginal fluid polypeptides for the prevention of STIs/HIV (Funded by International Partnership on Microbicides –IPM, USA)
  5. Studies on the Modulation of Vaginal Immunity during Host-Pathogen Interactions in Responses to Microbicide (Funded by ICMR )
  6. Isolation of pathogens associated with STIs and testing against selected microbicide in vitro (Funded by DBT-NE)
  7. In-silico design of peptide(s) having anti-HIV activities and pre-clinical evaluation (Funded by ICMR)

(B) Completed projects

  1. Endometrial functional markers to evaluate implantation defects in human endometrium (Funded by ICMR)
  2. Establishment of Non-Human Primate Facility for reproductive health research (Funded by DST)
  3. Development and preclinical evaluation of naturally occurring antimicrobial peptide, magainin for the prevention of STIs/HIV including unplanned pregnancies (Funded by ICMR)
  4. Strengthening of research programs to realize therapeutic potential of embryonic stem cells (Funded by MHFW)
  5. In vitro evaluation of peptide based microbicides for anti-viral activity (Funded by DBT-ICMR)
  6. Identification and characterization of cationic polypeptides with antimicrobial properties from rabbit epididymis (Funded by DBT-ICMR)
  7. Design of germ cell specific transgene constructs to investigate early events in spermatogenesis (Funded by DST)
  8. Functional Significance of Transcription Regulatory Factor Oct-4 in the Early Events of Spermatogenesis in Mice (Funded by Indo (DBT)-German)
  9. Nisin: The antimicrobial peptide for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS (Funded by ICMR)
  10. Identification and characterization of Putative Cis-Regulatory Elements (CREs) of the mouse c-kit promoter and their role in spermatogenesis (Funded by DST/ICMR)