Dr. Ragini Kulkarni








Scientist 'E'

Department of Operational Research
Phone : +( 91-22) 2419 2043
Email  : kulkarnir@nirrh.res.in

Academic Background

  • M.B.B.S. Nagpur University, 1993
  • M.D. Nagpur University (Preventive and Social Medicine, 1997)

Professional Experience

Medical Officer PHC-Pedhambe, Raigad, Maharashtra
Lecturer MGM Medical College (Dept. of PSM), Kamothe, Navi Mumbai
Scientist NIRRH 2003 – Till date



Research Interests

  • Burden of Disease
  • Emergency Contraception

Awards & Achievements

  • Award for Paper presented at Hindi seminar organized by NIV Pune “Published research work in Hindi and Local languages for the benefit of people” on 9th September 2011
  • Written a book on poems on Adolescent health “ Chahul Tarunyachi” in Marathi and Aahat yauvan ki” in Hindi which has 16 poems on various issues of Adolescent Health
  • Participated in a fellowship Program on Bioethics and Ethics Committee Administration organized by Western Institutional Review Board at Puyallup, Washington, USA from 26th June to 25th July. 



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Projects Completed in Last 5 years

As PI/Co-PI/Site PI

  • Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Self Help Group (SHG) Women on their Reproductive Health: A Qualitative Study ( December 2009- February 2010)
  • Community Based Kangaroo Mother Care for Low Birth Weight Babies – A Task Force Study by ICMR ( 2011-12)
  • Establishing, Operating, Sustaining and Strengthening ARSH clinics in Karjat block of Raigad district in Maharashtra ( 2010-2014)
  • Knowledge and Utilization of  Emergency Contraceptive Pills among Potential Users in Mumbai: A Pilot study ( Intramural, April –June 2010)
  • Clinical, Anthropometric and Biochemical (CAB) tests in Maharashtra and Goa District Level Household Survey –IV ( 2012-13)

As co- investigator

  • Study on determinants of vasectomy acceptance in a block of Thane district in Maharashtra
  • Determining Factors associated with ART drug adherence- A multicentre study (30 ART centers collaborated in the study country wide with NIRRH as Lead research Institute)
  • Strengthening linkages between HIV  (ICTC/PPTCT) and family planning services for prevention of unwanted pregnancies among women living with HIV/AIDS
  • Access and Utilization of Services for Prevention and Management of Infertility in the Primary Health Care System


  • ICMR Task Force Study “Improving health and nutritional status of vulnerable segment of population by implementing multi-component health and nutrition education intervention as a sustainable model of intervention”
  • Exploring Use of Emergency Contraceptive Pills and other Temporary Methods of Contraception among unmarried Youth in Mumbai: A Pilot Study