Dr. M. Ikram Khatkhatay








Scientist 'F'

Molecular Immunodiagnostic
Phone : +( 91-22) 2419 2026
Email  : khatkhatayi@nirrh.res.in

Academic Background

  • Ph D University of Mumbai (Biochemistry,1988)

Professional Experience

Scientist NIRRH 1979-Till Date
Visiting lecturer University Department of Chemical Technology,
University of Mumbai
2001-Till Date




Research Interests

  • Development of immunodiagnostics for reproductive healthcare,

  • Osteoporosis

Awards & Achievements

  • Received “Technology Day Award” instituted by Ministry of Science and Technology , Government of India on May 11, 2001, from His Excellency Vice-President of India, for successful transfer of technology for preparation of diagnostic kits for reproductive hormones to Industry.

  • Felicitated by HonorableMinister for Health and Family Welfare for the significant contribution in promoting indigenous technology, March 2001.

  • Recipient of WHO Fellowship for Training at Mahidol University , Bangkok , Thailand . August 6-31, 2001 .

  • Received Best Poster Award for the poster entitled ‘Indigenously developed ELISAs for reproductive hormones’ at XXI Annual Conference of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India, Bangalore , 23-25 th January, 1995

  • Apejee Trust Award for Best Poster conferred by The Indian Immunological Society for the poster entitled ‘ Ovulisa – an indigenous ELISA kit for the detection of ovulation at XX Annual Conference, Bhopal , Dec 17-19, 1993

Publications (Last 10)

  1. Venkat K, Desai M, Arora M M, Singh P and Khatkhatay M I. Age-related changes in sex steroid levels influence bone mineral density in healthy Indian men. Osteoporosis International, 20 (6): 955-962, 2009

  2. Desai MP, Khatkhatay MI, Bhanu Prakash KV, Savardekar LS, Shah RS, Ansari Z. Hormonal profiles and biochemical indices of bone turnover in Indian women. Osteoporosis Intl. 18 (7): 923-929, 2007

  3. Desai MP, Bhanu Prakash KV, Khatkhatay MI, Donde UM. Age related changes in bone turnover markers and ovarian hormones in premenopausal and postmenopausal Indian women. J Clinical Laboratory Analysis 21:55-60 , 2007

  4. Patel ZM., Gawade HM, Khatkhatay MI. 22 q 11 micro deletion studies in heart tissues of an abortus involving a familial form of Congenital Heart Disease. J Clinical Laboratory Analysis, 20:160-163, 2006

  5. Sumegha Mitra, Desai MP, Khatkhatay MI. Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms and bone mineral density in postmenopausal Indian women. Maturitas 55:27-35, 2006

  6. Sumegha Mitra., Desai MP, Khatkhatay MI. Association of estrogen receptor alpha gene polymorphisms with bone mineral density in postmenopausal Indian women. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism 87:82-86, 2006

  7. Bhanuprakash KV, Desai MP, Bandivdekar AH, Donde UM, Khatkhatay MI. Extraction, purification and development of an ELISA for Osteocalcin. Immunoassay and Immunochemistry 26:57-75, 2005

  8. Menon S, Patel ZM, Khatkhatay MI and Dandekar SP. Β- Thalassaemia carrier detection by ELISA: a simple screening strategy for developing countries. J Clin Lab Analysis 19: 22-25, 2005

  9. Menon S, Khatkhatay MI , Dandekar S and Patel ZM. Development and validating of an ELISA for Hb A2: A novel method for B- Thalassaemia screening in developing countries. J Immunoassay Immunochemistry 25 (2):135-146, 2004

  10. Desai MP , Donde UM, MI Khatkhatay. Improved performance of indigenously developed ELISAs for urinary hormones or metabolites using common assay protocols and reagents: evidence from internal quality control studies. J Immunoassay and Immunochemistry (23) (2):163–180, 2002

Present students

PhD : Ms. Kalpana Venkat

Past student

PhD: Ms. Sumegha Mitra

M Sc: Mr. Bhanuparakash KV

Mr. Harshvarahan Gawde


  • Genetic Factors Contributing to Osteoporosis: Study of Gene Polymorphism in Vitamin D Receptor Gene and Estrogen Receptor Genes in Indian Population (Partly funded by WHO)

  • Biochemical Markers for Early Diagnosis of Osteoporosis. ( Funding Agency: Department of Science Technology)

  • Relevance of changes in bone related proteins and their utility in early diagnosis of osteoporosis (Funding agency: Department of Family welfare, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

  • Osteoporosis in men: To Study Impact of Genetic and Environment Factors on Bone Health in Indian Men