Dr Uddhav Chaudari






Dr. Uddhav Chaudhari                                                          Dr Uddhav
Scientist 'D'

Primate Biology Laboratory
Phone : + (91-22) 24192008
Email  : chaudhariu@nirrh.res.in, drvetuddhav@gmail.com
Academic Background

  • Ph.D., Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izzatnagar, Bareilly (Veterinary Immunology, 2008)
  • M.V.Sc., Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izzatnagar, Bareilly (Veterinary Immunology, 2004)

Professional Experience




 Scientist ‘C’ National Institute for Research Reproductive Health, 2011 till date
  Scientist ‘B’ National Institute for Research Reproductive Health, 2006 to 2011
Research Interests

  • Mechanisms underlying the molecular pathogenesis of endometrial hyperplasia and cancer
  • Effect of metformin on markers of endometrial receptivity
  • Role of inflammatory molecules in endometrial repair during menstruation and abnormal uterine bleeding  

Awards & Achievements

  • Received Indian Council Agriculture Research (ICAR) JRF for pursuing M.V.Sc. in Vety. Immunology at Izatnagar.
  • Received IVRI SRF and CSIR-JRF for pursuing PhD



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  • Jacob S, Nayak S, Fernandes G, Barai RS, Menon S, Chaudhari UK, Kholkute SD, Sachdeva G. Androgen receptor as a regulator of ZEB2 expression and its implications in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer. Endocr Relat Cancer. 2014 May 8;21(3):473-86
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  • Bhagwat SR, Redij T, Phalnikar K, Nayak S, Iyer S, Gadkar S, Chaudhari U, Kholkute SD, Sachdeva G. Cell surfactomes of two endometrial epithelial cell lines that differ in their adhesiveness to embryonic cells. Mol Reprod Dev. 2014                                  
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  • Arvind Kumar., S. Dandapat., U.K.Chaudhari., B.S. Anandakumar., and G.C. Ram (2009). Oral administration of PLG nanoparticles encapsulating outer membrane proteins of Salmonella gallinarum induces mucosal immunity in chickens. Indian journal of comparative microbiology, immunology and infectious diseases vol. 30, 2009 (2):79-84


Project Staff / PhD
Mr Imran, SRF, PhD



  • Effect of metformin on hormonal, metabolic and endometrial profile in obese bonnet monkeys (2013-2017) (Funded by Science and Engineering Research Board)
  • Development of a non-human primate model for endometrial hyperplasia (2012-2015) (Funded by Science and Engineering Research Board)
  • Role of Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Product (RAGE) and its Ligand HMGB1 in Endometrial Physiology and Pathophysiology