Dr. Clara Aranha








Scientist 'B'

Division of Molecular Immunology
Phone: 91-22-24192017
Email  : aranhac@nirrh.res.in

Academic Background

  • Ph.D , Mumbai University, 1998
  • M.Sc, Mumbai University, 1992
  • B.Sc, Mumbai University, 1985

Professional Experience


National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (ICMR)


Radio-Isotope Technologist

Grant Medical College and JJ Group of Hospitals


Research Interests

  • Immunology of early pregnancy

  • Microbicide Development & Pre-Clinical Evaluation

  • Vaginal Mucosal Innate Immunity

  • Development of vaginal probiotics

Awards & Achievements

Received Best Scientific Research Award for the poster “Evaluation of cervico-vaginal toxicity in rabbits following exposure to Nisin gel”, at the International conference on “Actions to Strengthen Linkages between Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS“, Mumbai, India. February 4-8, 2007

Awarded full scholarship grants to attend Microbicides 2006 at Cape town, South Africa, AIDS 2008 at Mexico, and Microbicides 2012 at Sydney, Australia and present work on Microbicides

Publications (Last 10)

  • Effect of Antimicrobial Peptide, Nisin, on the Reproductive Functions of Rats KV Reddy, SM Gupta, CC Aranha ISRN Veterinary Science 2012

  • Identification and characterization of anti-microbial peptides from rabbit vaginal fluid M Patgaonkar, C Aranha, G Bhonde, KVR Reddy Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 139 (2), 176-186,2011

  • Identification and Characterization of Molecules Having Anti-microbial Activities from Rabbit Epididymis Using Proteomic Approach Reddy KVR, S Deva, Aranha C, Patgaonkar MS, Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology, S2:002,2011

  • Interaction of contraceptive antimicrobial peptide nisin with target cell membranes: implications for use as vaginal microbicide SM Gupta, CC Aranha, JR Bellare, KVR Reddy. Contraception 80 (3), 299-307,2009

  • Assessment of cervicovaginal cytokine levels following exposure to microbicide Nisin gel in rabbitsCC Aranha, SM Gupta, KVR Reddy.Cytokine 43 (1), 63-70,2008

  • Evaluation of developmental toxicity of microbicide Nisin in rats SM Gupta, CC Aranha, KVR Reddy. Food and Chemical Toxicology 46 (2), 598-603,2008

  • Toll-like receptors and cytokines as surrogate biomarkers for evaluating vaginal immune response following microbicide administration SM Gupta, CC Aranha, MC Mohanty, KVR Reddy Mediators of Inflammation 23:45-59,2008

  • Contraceptive efficacy of antimicrobial peptide Nisin: in vitro and in vivo studies
    C Aranha
    , S Gupta, KVR Reddy Contraception 69 (4), 333-338.2004

  • Preclinical evaluation of Magainin A (Mag A) as a contraceptive antimicrobial agent,
    A Clara , M DD Mangramkar, Reddy KVR Fertility and Sterility. 81, 1357-1365.2004

  • Antimicrobial peptides: premises and promises KVR Reddy, RD Yedery, C Aranha International journal of antimicrobial agents 24 (6), 536-547,2004

  • Evaluation of antimicrobial peptide nisin as a safe vaginal contraceptive agent in rabbits: in vitro and in vivo studies KVR Reddy, C Aranha, SM Gupta, RD Yedery Reproduction 128 (1), 117-126


Development of a multistrain probiotic Lactobacillus formulation effective against reproductive tract infections