Publications 2016-2020

Purification and characterization of CRISP-3 from human seminal plasma and its real-time binding kinetics with PSP94

Anklesaria JH, Pandya RR1, Pathak BR, Mahale SD
J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci, 2016

Surfactant protein D induces immune quiescence and apoptosis of mitogen-activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells

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Testicular expression of SP-A, SP-D and MBL-A is positively regulated by testosterone and modulated by lipopolysaccharide.

Rokade S, Madan T.
Immunobiology 221:975-85, 2016.

National multicentric M13 Stem Cell Trial reports negative outcome – Need to look at VSELs as an alternative to bone marrow MNCs for cardiac regeneration

Bhartiya D
Indian J Med Res 143: 830-832, 2016

Family Violence and Maltreatment of Women During the Perinatal Period: Associations with Infant Morbidity in Indian Slum Communities

Silverman JG, Balaiah D, Decker MR, Boyce SC, Ritter J, Naik DD, Nair S, Saggurti N, Raj A
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A triad of telomerase, androgen receptor and early growth response 1 in prostate cancer cells

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Changes in sexual behavior and contraceptive use after HIV acquisition and factors associated with risky sexual practices among people living with HIV in selected Indian cities.

Joshi B, Chauhan S, Das H, Luaia R, Sunil N.
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Identification of CRISP2 from human sperm as PSP94 binding protein and generation of CRISP2 specific anti-peptide antibodies

Anklesaria JH, Kulkarni BJ, Pathak BR, Mahale SD
J Pep Sci 22: 383-90, 2016

Testicular stem cells express follicle-stimulating hormone receptors and are directly modulated by FSH

Patel H and Bhartiya D
Reproductive Sciences, 2016

Decidual control of trophoblast invasion.

Sharma S, Godbole G, Modi D.
Am J Reprod Immunol 75: 341-50, 2016.

Very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) can avoid legal, ethical and safety issues associated with Oncofertility

Bhartiya D
JAMA Oncol 2(5):689, 2016

Bioconductive 3D nano-composite constructs with tunable elasticity to initiate stem cell growth and induce bone mineralization

Sagar N, Khanna K, Sardesai VS, Singh AK, Temgire M, Kalita MP, Kadam SS, Soni VP, Bhartiya D, Bellare JR
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PCOSKB: A KnowledgeBase on genes, diseases, ontology terms and biochemical pathways associated with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome

Joseph S, Barai RS, Bhujbalrao R, Idicula-Thomas S
Nucleic Acids Res 44(D1):D1032-5, 2016

Mesenchymal stem cells: a promising tool for targeted gene therapy of Endometriosis.

Koippallil Gopalakrishnan AR, Kishore U, Madan T.
Regenerative Medicine 12:69-76, 2016.

HIV and host immunogenetics: unraveling the role of HLA-C

Bardeskar NS and Mania-Pramanik J
HLA 88: 221-231, 2016

Cysteine-rich secretory protein 3 plays a role in prostate cancer cell invasion and affects expression of PSA and ANXA1

Pathak BR, Breed AA, Apte S, Acharya K, Mahale SD
Mol Cell Biochem; 411:11-21, 2016

Deletion of GOLGA2P3Y but not GOLGA2P2Y is a risk factor for oligozoospermia.

Sen S, Agarwal R, Ambulkar P, Hinduja I, Zaveri K, Gokral J, Pal A, Modi D
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Secrets of Endometrial Receptivity: Some Are Hidden in Uterine Secretome

Bhusane K, Bhutada S, Chaudhari U, Savardekar L, Katkam R, Sachdeva G
American J Reproductive Immunology 75(3):226-36, 2016

Do somatic cells de-differentiate/trans-differentiate or VSELs initiate cancer and explain plasticity in adult tissues?

Bhartiya D and Ganguly R.
J Cancer Stem Cell Research

Linking HIV & family planning services to improve dual methods of contraception among women infected with HIV in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Joshi B, Velhal G, Chauhan S, Kulkarni R, Begum S and Linkage Study Team
Indian J Med Res 143, 464-473, 2016