Publications 2016-2020

Mitochondria in Ovarian Aging and Reproductive Longevity.

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Ovary does harbor stem cells – size of the cells matter!

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Is There Plagiarism in the Most Influential Publications of Andrology?

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Incidence and management practices of snakebite: A retrospective study at Sub District Hospital, Dahanu, Maharashtra

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Discovery of small molecule binders of human FSHR(TMD) with novel structural scaffolds by integrating structural bioinformatics and machine learning algorithms

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Perspectives of Primary Health Care Providers on Implementing Cancer Screening Services in Tribal block of Maharashtra, India.

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Anti-snake venom (ASV) intra dermal skin test, a common clinical practice in the primary health care setting in tribal block of Dahanu, Maharashtra, India ()

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CFTR related male infertility: relevance of genetic testing and counselling in Indian Population

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Stem cells in the mammalian gonads

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Impact of training on awareness and knowledge of Service Providers about Maternal Near Miss Events in Maharashtra, India

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Genetic testing in male infertility

Gajbhiye R.
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Effect of diversity in gp41 membrane proximal external region of primary HIV-1 Indian subtype C sequences on interaction with broadly neutralizing antibodies 4E10 and 10E8

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Expansion of p63-positive CCSP-positive epithelial cells and altered expressions of p63 isoforms in the lung as novel features of aging

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Heterogeneity of stem cells in the ovary

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Nutritional status of adolescent girls in tribal blocks of Maharashtra.

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Genetics of vas aplasia.

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Rab11a drives molecules to the surface of endometrial cells

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Direct action of FSH on testicular stem cells

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Nutritional Status of Women and its Link with Morbidity

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Evolving definition of adult stem/progenitor cells

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