Publications 2011-2015

Detection, characterization and spontaneous differentiation in vitro of very small embryonic-like putative stem cells in adult mammalian ovary

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Epididymosome mediated acquisition of MMSDH an androgen dependent and developmentally regulated epididymal sperm protein

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Decidualized endometrial stromal cell derived factors promote trophoblast invasion

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Identification and characterization of anti-microbial peptides from rabbit vaginal fluid

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Altered phosphorylation and distribution status of vimentin in rat seminiferous epithelium following 17b-estradiol treatment

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Correlates of sexual behaviour of rural college youth in Maharashtra, India

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A Rabbit vaginal cell-derived antimicrobial peptide, RVFHb_PBlocks lipopolysaccharide-mediated inflammation in human vaginal cells

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Surfactant proteins A and D in pregnancy and parturition

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Characterization of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV1C) variants in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and spermatozoa

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Is 37LRP cell surface receptor for PSP94?

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Evaluation of safety of lipomer doxycycline hydrochloride (Lipomer DH)

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Determinants of youth sexual behaviour: Program implications for India

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Anti-HSP90 autoantibodies in sera of infertile women identify a dominant, conserved epitope EP6 (380-389) of HSP90 beta protein

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Abuse from in-laws during pregnancy and post-partum: qualitative and quantitative findings from low-income mothers of infants in Mumbai, India

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Aberrant expression of imprinted genes in post-implantation rat embryos

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Can anti-ovarian antibody testing be useful in an IVF-ET clinic?

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Human milk and pediatric HIV infections: consensus and dilemma

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Gender-based disparities in infant and child mortality based on maternal exposure to husband violence: The heavy burden borne by Indian girls

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Human Papillomavirus infection in asymptomatic population

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Effect of Rabbit Epididymal Antimicrobial Peptide, REHb?P on LPS-Induced Pro-in?ammatory Cytokine Responses in Human Vaginal Cells In-vitro

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Int J Peptides 2011