Publications 2011-2015

Gonadotropin treatment augments postnatal oogenesis and primordial follicle assembly in adult mouse ovaries?

Bhartiya D, Sriraman K, Gunjal P, Modak H
J Ovarian Res 5:32, 2012

Acceptability of misoprostol-only medical termination of pregnancy compared with vacuum aspiration: an international, multicentre trial

Rodriguez MI, Seuc A, Kapp N, von Hertzen H, Huong NTM, Wojdyla D, Mittal S, Arustamyan K, Shah R, the World Health Organization Research Group on Post-Ovulatory Methods of Fertility Regulation*
BJOG, 2012

Liprin 3: A putative estrogen regulated acrosomal protein

Joshi CS, Suryawanshi AR, Khan SA, Balasinor NH, Khole VV
Histochem Cell Biol 3 2012

Sperm Phosphoproteome profiling by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography followed by data independent analysis (LC-MSE) reveals altered proteomic signatures in Asthenozoospermia

Parte PP, Rao P, Redij S, Lobo V, D’Souza SJ, Gajbhiye R, Kulkarni V, Parte PP, Rao P, Redij S, Lobo V, D’Souza SJ, Gajbhiye R, Kulkarni V
J Proteomics 75: 5861-5871, 2012

Pluripotent VSELs get discarded during cord blood & bone marrow processing

Bhartiya D
Stem Cells Dev 21: 2563-64, 2012

Male migration/mobility and HIV among married couples: Cross-sectional analysis of nationally representative data from India

Saggurti N, Nair S, Malviya A, Decker MR, Silverman JG, Raj A
AIDS Behav 16:1649-58, 2012

Expression pattern of Oct-4 and Plzf transcription factors during the early events of spermatogenesis in mice

Ketkar AK and Reddy KVR
J Cell Sci Ther 3:131, 2012

Effect of rabbit epididymal antimicrobial peptide, REHb?P on LPS-Induced pro-in?ammatory cytokine responses in human vaginal cells In-vitro

Reddy KVR, Sukanya D, Patgaonkar MS and Selvaakumar C
Int J Peptides 2012

The continued presence of stem cells and oogonia in the adult mammalian ovary

Bhartiya D
  Hum Reprod (Letter to Editor) 27: 938, 2012

Genotoxicity evaluation of asymmetric lipid polymer hybrid nanoparticles of doxycycline hydrochloride following intravenous administration

Soni MP, Mahajan MV, Dhumal RV, Bhagat S, Tiwari D, Gaikwad RV, Samad A, Devarajan PV, Vanage GR
Drug Delivery and

Effect of Oct-4 silencing on proliferation and differentiation of mouse undifferentiated type a spermatogonial cells

Ketkar AK and Reddy KVR
J Cell Sci Ther 3: 120, 2012

Differential concentration and time dependent effects of progesterone on kinase activity, hyperactivation and acrosome reaction in human spermatozoa

Sagare-Patil V, Galvankar M, Satiya M, Bhandari B, Gupta S K and Modi D
Intl J Androl 35: 633–644, 2012

Changes in cytokines, biomarkers of bone turnover and hormones are associated with bone loss in postmenopausal Indian women

Desai M, Khatkhatay M I, Taskar V, Ansari Z
Intl J Endocrinol Metabol 10(1): 399-403, 2012

AP-1 transcription factors, mucin-type molecules and MMPs regulate the IL-11 mediated invasiveness of JEG-3 and HTR-8/SVneo trophoblastic cells

Suman P, Godbole G, Thakur R, Morales-Prieto DM, Modi DN, Markert UR, Gupta SK
PLoS One

Knowledge of Reproductive Health among Self Help Group Women in Maharashtra

Kulkarni R, Chauhan S, Rao KS and Tryambake V
IJSW 73: 339-354, 2012

Epididymosome mediated acquisition of MMSDH an androgen dependent and developmentally regulated epididymal sperm protein

Suryawanshi AR, Khan SA, Joshi CS, Khole VV
J Androl 33: 963-974, 2012

Awareness of Cervical Cancer among Couples in  Slum Area of Mumbai

Donta B, Begum S, Nair S, Naik DD, Mali BN, Bandiwadekar A
APJCP 13: 10-11, 2012

Identification of fibrinogen-binding proteins of aspergillus fumigatus using proteomic approach

Upadhyay SK, Gautam P, Pandit H, Singh Y, Basir SF, Madan T
Mycopathologia 173:73-82, 2012

Immunization with Ovarian Autoantigens leads to reduced fertility in mice following follicular dysfunction

Mande P, Thomas S, Khan S, Jadhav S, Khole V
Reproduction 143:309-23, 2012

Clastogenic and mutagenic effects of Bisphenol A, an endocrine disruptor Mutation Research – Genetic Toxico Environ

Tiwari D, Kamble J, Chilgunde S, Patil P, Maru G, Kawle D, Vanage G
Mutagenesis 18: 743:83-90, 2012