Publications 2016-2020

Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene abnormalities in Indian males with congenital bilateral absence of vas deferens and renal anomalies: five case series

Gajbhiye R, Kadam K, Khole A, Gaikwad A, Kadam S, Shah R, Kumaraswamy R, Khole V
IJMR 143: 613-623, 2016

Differential roles of estrogen receptors, ESR1 and ESR2, in adult rat spermatogenesis.

Khambata K, Kumar A, Deshpande S, Sonawane S, Balasinor NH.,
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 428: 89-100, 2016

Underlying mechanisms that restore spermatogenesis on transplanting healthy niche cells in busulphan treated mouse testis

Anand S, Bhartiya D, Sriraman K, Mallick A
Stem Cell Rev Sep 23, 2016

Comparison of marmoset and human FSH using synthetic peptides of the ?-subunit L2 loop region and anti-peptide antibodies

Kutteyil SS, Kulkarni BJ, Mojidra R, Joseph S, Pathak B, Mahale SD
J Pept Sci 22: 397-405, 2016

Spectrum of SMPD1 mutations in Asian-Indian patients with acid sphingomyelinase (ASM)-deficient Niemann-Pick disease.

Ranganath P, Matta D, Bhavani GS, Wangnekar S, Jain JM, Verma IC, Kabra M, Puri RD, Danda S, Gupta N,Girisha KM, Sankar VH, Patil SJ, Ramadevi AR, Bhat M, Gowrishankar K, Mandal K, Aggarwal S, Tamhankar PM, Tilak P, Phadke SR, Dalal A.
Am J Med Genet A. 170: 2719–2730, 2016

Is the improved function of STZ treated pancreas truly due to transdifferentiation/fusion of transplanted MSCs?

Bhartiya D
Indian J Med Res 143(1):111-2, 2016

In-depth 2-DE reference map of Aspergillus fumigatus and its proteomic profiling on exposure to itraconazole

Gautam P, Mushahary D, Hassan W, Upadhyay SK, Madan T, Sirdeshmukh R, Sundaram CS, Sarma PU
Med Mycol, 2016

Prospective observational study of near-miss obstetric events at two tertiary hospitals in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Kulkarni R, Chauhan S, Daver R, Nandanwar Y, Patil A, Bhosale A
Intl J Gynecology Obstetrics 132: 170–173, 2016

Panel of Autoimmune Markers for Noninvasive Diagnosis of Minimal–Mild Endometriosis: A Multicenter Study.

Gajbhiye R, Bendigeri T, Ghuge A, Bhusane K, Begum S, Warty N, Sawant R, Padte K, Humane A, Dasmahapatra P, Chauhan A and Khan S.
Reproductive Sciences Jul 8. pii: 1933719116657190, 2016.

Endocrine control of epigenetic mechanisms in male reproduction

Ankolkar M, Balasinor NH
Horm Mol Biol Clin Investig 25:65-70

Intervention Strategy for Enhancing Knowledge of couples on Sexually Transmitted Infections and Cervical Cancer in Urban Slums of Mumbai

Naik DD, Donta B and Keskar PS
Gurukul International Multidisciplinary Research Journal (GIMRJ) 6:100-107, 2016

Surfactant protein D regulates testicular immune milieu and sperm functions.

Rokade S, Kishore U and Madan T.
Am J Reproduct Immunol 73, 2016.

Stem cells to replace or regenerate the diabetic pancreas: Huge potential & existing hurdles

Bhartiya D
Indian J Med Res 143: 267-274, 2016

Expression of surfactant proteins SP-A and SP-D in murine decidua and immunomodulatory effects on decidual macrophages

Madhukaran SP, Koippallil Gopalakrishnan AR, Pandit H, Marri ED, Kouser L, Jamil K, Alhamlan FS, Kishore U, Madan T
 Immunobiology 221: 377-86, 2016

Testicular stem cells express follicle-stimulating hormone receptors and are directly modulated by FSH

Patel H and Bhartiya D
Reproductive Sciences, 2016

Embryonic Zebrafish Model – A Well-Established Method for Rapidly Assessing the Toxicity of Homeopathic Drugs: – Toxicity Evaluation of Homeopathic Drugs Using Zebrafish Embryo Model.

Gupta HR, Patil Y, Singh D, Thakur M
J Pharmacopuncture 19: 319-328, 2016.

Purification and characterization of CRISP-3 from human seminal plasma and its real-time binding kinetics with PSP94

Anklesaria JH, Pandya RR1, Pathak BR, Mahale SD
J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci, 2016

Surfactant protein D induces immune quiescence and apoptosis of mitogen-activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Pandit H, Thakur G, Koippallil Gopalakrishnan AR, Dodagatta-Marri E, Patil A, Kishore U, Madan T
Immunobiology 221: 310-22, 2016

Testicular expression of SP-A, SP-D and MBL-A is positively regulated by testosterone and modulated by lipopolysaccharide.

Rokade S, Madan T.
Immunobiology 221:975-85, 2016.

National multicentric M13 Stem Cell Trial reports negative outcome – Need to look at VSELs as an alternative to bone marrow MNCs for cardiac regeneration

Bhartiya D
Indian J Med Res 143: 830-832, 2016