Proteomics Workstation


Proteomics is the study and identification of the thousands of types of proteins found in humans, plants, animals, bacteria and other life forms, and the expression of particular proteins can be used as “biomarkers” of health, disease and/or quality.

The newly established Proteomics Facility within the Institute allows users to isolate and identify proteins of interest. The proteomics workstation includes gel documentation system, DIGE scanner, 2D analysis software’s, automated spot picker, spot digester and MALDI target spotter. We use the MALDI TOF-TOF based mass spectrometry for molecular weight determination and derivation of sequence tags of proteotically cleaved peptides.

The investigators are expected to run and analyze their own 2D gels. In consultation with the staff of the facility they can provide gels or manually cored spots (Silver, Comassie or fluorescently stained) for further analysis. The facility offers automated coring of spots, tryptic digestion and analysis of peptides using mass spectrometry. Preliminary bioinformatics based analysis is also provided for protein identification. Investigators can avail the Medial Informatics Core facility for further in silico analysis.

Contact Person: Dr. Priyanka Parte                          91-22-24192005