Support Facilities and Services


  1. Safety/toxicity evaluation of chemicals or chemical products:

Toxicity evaluation in mice, rat, rabbit and marmoset

  • Acute Toxicity ( as per OECD guideline: 420, 423 and 425)
  • Sub-acute Toxicity (as per OECD guideline: 407)
  • Chronic Toxicity (as per OECD guideline: 452)

Teratogenicity (as per OECD guideline: 414)

  • Rat
  • Mice

Dermal Toxicity (as per OECD guideline: 410)

  • Rat
  • Rabbit

Reproductive Toxicity (as per OECD guideline: 414,421 and 443)

  • Segment I Effect on Reproductive Process, Fertility Studies
  • Segment II Teratological study
  • Segment III Perinatal and postnatal studies
  • Systemic Toxicity (oral/dermal), Acute, Sub-acute /sub chronic/ Chronic

Carcinogenicity and Genotoxicity (In vivo)

  • Chromosomal aberrations in bone marrow: Rat (as per OECD guideline 475)
  • Micronucleus test in bone marrow: Mice (as per OECD guideline 474)
  • DNA damage by Comet assay: Mice (as per OECD guideline 489)
  • Dominant lethal test: Rat (as per OECD guideline 478)
  • Ames Test: Salmonella typhimurium (as per OECD guideline 471)

Genotoxicity (In vitro)

  • Micronucleus: human lymphocyte (as per OECD guideline 487)
  • Chromosomal aberration: human lymphocytes (as per OECD guideline 473)
  • DNA damage by Comet assay: human lymphocytes


  • MTT Assay

In Vitro Skin Irritation: Reconstructed Human Epidermis Test Method (OECD 439)


Centre imparts training to the student and staff  from various institutes in the area of Reproductive toxicity and genotoxicity


  • Histology work station including microtome, Automatic tissue processor, embedder, Stainer and cover slipping machine

  • Computer assisted semen analyzer (CASA)

  • Fully Automated metaphase finder system with fluorescence for CGH, FISH, MFISH, Comet Assay

  • Real-time PCR and Fluorescence Microscope