Sr no Name of Project PI Funding Duration
1 MicroRNA Regulation in Prostate and Ovary upon exposure to Endocrine Disruptors Dr Vikas Dighe Intramural 2014-ongoing
2 Deciphering the Effects and Mechanism of Action of Butyl Paraben on Fertility Dr Geeta Vanage/ Dr Vikas Dighe Intramural 2014-ongoing
3 Effect of Bisphenol A, an Endocrine Disruptor on Spermatogenesis in Common Marmoset  at Cellular and Molecular level- Phase II Dr Vikas Dighe Intramural 2015- ongoing
4 Identification and characterization of testis homing peptides for targeted drug delivery Dr Vikas Dighe Intramural 2015- ongoing
5  Cellular and Molecular Effects of Cypermethrin on Reproductive Functions of Male and Female Rats  Dr Dipty Singh  SERB-DST  2017-2020

Purification, Characterization of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Cell Division Protein FtsZ and Evaluation of its Potential as a Novel Antibacterial Drug Target

Dr Dipty Singh Intramural 2014-ongoing
7 Study of Epigenetic Changes in the Male Rat Germ Line following Perinatal Exposure to Triclosan, an Endocrine Disruptor Dr Priyanka


Mentor: Dr Vikas Dighe

ICMR-PDF 2017- ongoing