Sub District Hospital, Dahanu, District –Palghar, Maharashtra

S. No Designation Name
1. Director Health Services Dr. Archana Patil/ Dr. Sadhana Tayade
2. Civil Surgeon, Palghar District Dr.Anil Thorat
3. District Health Officer, Palghar District Dr. Dayanand Suryavanshi
4. District RCH Officer Dr. Milind Chavan
5. Assistant DHO Dr. Sagar Patil
6. Medical Superintendent, SDH, Dahanu Dr. Balaji Hengne
7. Taluka Health Officer, Dahanu, Dist. Palghar Dr. Sandeep Gadekar


S. No Designation Name
1. Dean, Sir J.J group of Hospitals, Mumbai Dr. Ranjit Mankeshwar
2. Nodal Officer Dr. Lalit Sankhe


S. No Designation Name
1. Scientist – G & Director Dr. Geetanjali Sachdeva
2. Scientist – G & Nodal Officer Dr. Sanjay Chauhan
3. Scientist – E & Member Secretary, RAC Dr. Ragini  Kulkarni


S. No Designation Name
1. Scientist- C (Medical) Dr. Neha Salvi
2. Scientist- C (Non-Medical) Dr. Anwesh Maile
3. Technical Assistant (Statistician) Ms. Swati Patil
4. Technical Assistant (Research) Mr. Nitesh kantela
5. Technician-C Mrs. Kavita Nahire
6. Assistant Multi-purpose Mrs. Pranali Kadu
7. Data Entry Operator
8. Multitasking staff Mrs. Roshni Patil



This scheme has been launched based on successful experience of ICMR at Ghatampur (UP). The plan was to set up 15 MRHRUs during 12th Five Year Plan at a total estimated cost of Rs. 67.67 Crore.

The MOA between Government of Maharashtra & National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health to establish MRHRU at Sub District Hospital, Dahanu was signed on 17.09.2013


Rs. 3.00 Crores per MRHRU for civil works (Rs.2.00 cr) and Equipment (Rs.1.00 cr). Recurring expenditure of Rs.50 lakhs sanctioned towards staffing, consumables, etc.


Objective of the mission

  • To create infrastructure at the periphery for transfer of technology to the rural level for improving the quality of health services to rural population.
  • To ensure an interface between the new technology developers (Researchers in the Medical Institutions; State or Centre), health systems operators (Centre or state health services) and the beneficiaries (communities in rural areas)
  • Ensure the much-needed geographical spread of health research infrastructure in the rural area.


MRHRU is collaboration between NIRRH as a Research and Mentoring body; Directorate of Health services, Government of Maharashtra as facilitator and Grant Medical College as a linked medical college.


S. No. Title Name of Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration of Project
1. Improving health and nutritional status of vulnerable segment of population by implementing multi-component health and nutrition education intervention as a sustainable model of intervention Dr. Ragini Kulkarni


DHR 48 Months
2. Prevention and management of snake bite envenomation including complications within primary health care system in Dahanu block: An implementation research, (Funds received from ICMR) Dr. Rahul Gajbhiye (ICMR-NIRRH)

Dr Arun Yadav (SDH)

Tribal Health Research Forum 18 Months
3. Impact of measles rubella(MR) vaccination campaign on population immunity in India[IMRVI  Study] Dr. Ragini Kulkarni


John Hopkin’s University, USA 14 Months
4. Development of District Level Model to

Address Under nutrition and Hidden Hunger: An Intersectoral Approach’ funded by ICMR

Dr. Ragini Kulkarni


ICMR 6 months
5. Assessment of Iodine status among pregnant women in selected districts of India Dr. Lalit Sankhe

(J J Hospital)

ICMR 8 months
 6. Surveillance on Microbial Pathogens and Risk Factors for Diarrheal Diseases among under five children attending Health care facilities in Tribal block (Dahanu) of Maharashtra Dr. Krishna Itta


Intramural grant from MRHRU 12 months
7. Retrospective data analysis of Dengue case records and molecular characterization of dengue virus at Sentinel Surveillance Hospital (SSH) of Model Rural Health Research Unit, Dahanu Dr.Krishna Itta (MRHRU) Intramural grant from MRHRU



5 months


MRHRU Dahanu has been approved as the 38th Sentinel Surveillance Hospitals (SSHs) in State of Maharashtra for Diagnostic Facility for Dengue & Chikungunya by National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

S. no Title Name of Nodal Officer Funding Agency Duration of Project
1. Sentinel Surveillance Hospital (SSH) for the diagnosis of Dengue and Chikungunya Fever Dr. Ragini Kulkarni


National Vector

Bone Disease



Ongoing since October 2017
2 Covid-19 Diagnostic Facility Dr.Sanjay Chauhan MRHRU and State government of Maharashtra Ongoing since May 2020

Microbiology Laboratory (Currently used for COVID-19 testing)

Bio-Safety Level-II facility


Sample Processing


RNA Extraction


Molecular Biology Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory


S. no Title Name of Principal Investigator Funding Agency Duration of Project
1. Improving access for screening of common cancers and non-communicable diseases among women in tribal block of Maharashtra: Challenges in implementation Dr. Anushree Patil (ICMR-NIRRH) ICMR Two years six months
2. Assessment of Neonatal Screening  approaches for Sickle cell disease and the effect of early intervention in management of the disease in tribal populations Dr. Sanjay Chauhan


ICMR Five years
3. Strengthening Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response (MPDSR) Action in tribal blocks of Palghar district in Maharashtra Dr. Ragini Kulkarni


ICMR Two years
4. Population based Birth Defect (BD) surveillance in linkage with Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) programme in rural areas of Palghar district in Maharashtra Dr. Sanjay Chauhan


DHR Three years
5. Implementation of Dakshata programme to improve quality of institutional deliveries in a tribal block of Maharashtra Dr. Anushree Patil (ICMR-NIRRH) ICMR Two Years
6. A national model to measure burden and map quality of care for type 2 diabetes mellitus in rural populations in India, involving medical colleges through primary health care setup- a feasibility study Dr. Lalit Sankhe

GMC, Mumbai

ICMR Two Years


S. No. Title Name of Principal Investigator Funding Agency Status
1 Formative Research for Implementation research (IR) in improving quality and coverage of Antenatal care (ANC) at primary health system level Dr. Anushree Patil (ICMR-NIRRH) ICMR Technically approved by ICMR


2 Comprehensive assessment and management of Iron deficiency anemia among pregnant women using multipronged approach in tribal district of Maharashtra Dr. Beena Joshi


DHR Approved by DHR


  • Patil AD, Salvi NR, Shahina B, Pimple A S, Mishra A G, Chauhan L S, Joshi BN. Perspectives of primary healthcare providers on implementing cancer screening services in tribal block of Maharashtra, India. South Asian J Cancer 2019;8:145-9
  • Kulkarni R, Surve S, Patil S, Sankhe L, Gupta P, Toteja G. Nutritional status of adolescent girls in tribal blocks of Maharashtra. Indian J Community Med 2019;44:281-4
  • Gajbhiye Rahul, Khan Shagufta, Kokate Pratibha, Mashal Iranna, Kharat Sunita, Bodade Sanjay, Yadav Arun, Mahale Smita. Incidence and management practices of snakebite: A retrospective study at Sub District Hospital, Dahanu, Maharashtra. Indian J Med Res 2019;150:412-6
  • Itta Krishna Chaaithanya, Neha Salvi, Prabhakar Bhoye, Sanjay Bhorekar, Arun Yadav, Smita Mahale and Rahul Gajbhiye. Anti-snake venom (ASV) intra dermal skin test, a common clinical practice in the primary health care setting in tribal block of Dahanu, Maharashtra, India, J Assoc Physicians India 2019:67,107
  • Krishna Chaaithanya Itta, Ragini Kulkarni, Neha Salvi, Kavita Amole Nahire, Nitesh Niresh Kantela, Sagar Patil,Sanjay Chauhan. Sentinel Surveillance of Dengue Virus Infection in a Tribal District of Maharashtra, India. J Assoc Physicians India 2021; 69,125 (In press)


I) International:

John Hopkins University, USA

II) National:

ICMR- National Institute of Epidemiology

ICMR- National Institute for Virology

ICMR- National Institute for Immunohematology

State Government of Maharashtra

District Health Office, Palghar

1)Fourth RAC held on 01.03.2019 at Dahanu

2)Pre MR Campaign survey in Palghar district during August 2018

3)CME on Sickle cell disease and Thalassemia November 2019

4) Focus group discussion of eligible women conducted on 26th February 2021 (MPDSR project)

5) Counseling of project participants and examination of Oral cavity (Common Cancers screening project)

6) Refresher training of ASHAs on identification of visible birth defects (Birth defect surveillance project)