Analysis of gene expression has become an integrated approach towards understanding the biological system, drug effects, diseases etc, However, in most instances comparisons are done in a limited number of genes. But for meaningful interpretations a large number of genes need to be analyzed. Microarray is a cutting edge technology that permits analysis of several thousand genes simultaneously. Using this technology it is now possible to obtain gene patterns of several tissues and diseases. In fact it is now possible to diagnose diseases based on microarray technology.

The Microarray Core Facility is established to provide the infrastructure for the development of major projects that utilize DNA microarrays for large scale analysis of gene expression. The facility provides researchers to hybridize and read prespotted microarrays from most sources. Investigators can bring their labeled samples and slides for hybridization, scanning and data analysis. The facility also has linkages with the Medical Informatics Center at NIRRH for data mining using academic tools.

The facility further aims at developing protocols for other microarray based applications like SNP genotyping, CGH arrays antibody arrays, protein arrays and tissue arrays.

Contact Person: Dr. Deepak Modi:91-22-24192034