Flow Cytometer

Flow Cytometry is a powerful tool which can simultaneously measure multiple characteristics of single cell such as cell surface and intracellular antigen expression, light scattering properties, DNA ploidy, cell cycle analysis, apoptosis at a rapid rate.

The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art flow cytometry and multiparameter cell sorting instrumentation with four laser system (355, 488, 532 and 633nm) capable of fifteen parameter analysis and cell sorting. Its acquisition software is FACSDiva 8. The facility permits maximum and efficient utilization of the equipment and serves to enhance the quality and scope of scientific research performed at NIRRH. The core facility provides instrumentation, technical and professional assistance for flow cytometry experiments.

Contact: Dr. Srabani Mukherjee:  91-22-24192009/24192045

Email: mukherjee@nirrh.res.in, srabanimuk@yahoo.com