Family Welfare Clinic

The three peripheral family welfare clinics provide reproductive health and family planning services and serve as a model for integration of family planning services with other aspects of reproductive health care. These clinics operate as an outdoor facility and women are referred to nearby hospitals clinics for any surgical intervention or inpatient management. Child Health services were initiated at Family welfare clinic located at Abhyudaya Nagar in the year 2015. Parents were advised mainly on new born care and breastfeeding, growth and development of children, nutrition, issues related to menarche and puberty. The facilities are provided free of cost. The clinic timings are from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays. For further information the clinic will respond to telephone or clinic visits.

Services offered include:
•  Information, education, communication and counselling on various contraceptives and motivation to accept a suitable and reliable method; Provision of spacing contraceptive method of the individual couple choice with regular follow-up examinations.
•  Creating awareness for, screening and treatment of reproductive tract infections (RTIs), screening for cervical cancer, colposcopy, pelvic ultrasonography for women
•  Treatment of minor ailments among children under 5 years and adolescent girls. The clinic teams comprise of a clinician (obst./gyn.), health educator/counselor , field worker, nurse and ayah Women attending these clinics, if eligible, are enrolled for clinical and basic research studies in accordance with the ethical guidelines of ICMR. The important feature of these clinics is the regular and high rate of follow-ups. Annually, the average attendance is approximately 5000 at the 3 family welfare clinics for contraceptive advice (CuT380, OC pills, emergency contraceptive pills, injection Net-EN, condoms and referrals for sterilizations). At the B J Wadia Hospital clinic, condom use is promoted for couples attending the HIV OPD.

Contact persons:

Clinic                                  Doctor                          Tel. No.

B J Wadia clinic             Dr. Anushree Patil/     91-22-24111634

                                   Dr. Suchitra Surve     

Abhyudayanagar clinic    Dr. Anushree Patil/    91-22-24705421

                                    Dr. Suchitra Surve      

Naigaum clinic               Dr. Lalita Savardekar  91-22-24182520