Experimental Animal Facility

The animal facility is distributed over three floors with an area of nearly 8000 sq ft. and is supported with qualified veterinarians and skilled animal care staff. The facility meets the requirements as per the guidelines of Committee for the Purpose of Control & Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) and is registered with the CPCSEA. An Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) has been constituted as per CPCSEA guidelines and reviews the scientific projects of the institute quarterly.

The facility undertakes animal breeding, management, care and husbandry practices. The facility houses different laboratory animals viz. mice, rats, rabbits and nonhuman primates like marmosets and bonnet monkeys. The facility is engaged in the production of quality animals by undertaking various quality control programs and preventive measures. The facility has Individual Ventilated Caging System (IVC) to house rodents to prevent cross-contamination.

Contact: Dr. S. M. Metkari: +91-22-24192044 (Email: metkarism@nirrh.res.in; animalhouse@nirrh.res.in)