DNA Sequencing Facility


The Institute has set up a core facility for DNA sequencing mainly to support the projects. The facility offers high-quality capillary-based DNA sequencing. The facility is outfitted with two equipments that include a 4 capillary and a 16 capillary sequencer. Along with standard DNA sequencing, the setup also offers Fragment Analysis for microsatellites, AFLP, SNP’s or any other fragment applications

Users provide DNA (plasmid, phage or PCR product) at a standardized concentration and custom primers if necessary. The Facility performs cycle sequencing reactions using fluorescent dye terminators, carries out electrophoresis, acquires the data, and provides the sequence as chromatogram and text files.


Contact:            Dr. Srabani Mukherjee   91-22-24192009/24192045.

Email: mukherjee@nirrh.res.in, srabanimuk@yahoo.com