Bone Health Clinic

The Community based Bone Health Clinic was established in May 2012 at the BDD chawl, Naigaum with the objective i) to create awareness about osteoporosis in the low income community; ii) help individuals develop healthy lifestyle; iii) and utilize therapeutic measures to build, maintain and prevent bone loss using a multidisciplinary approach.

This Community based Bone Health Clinic (BHC) is a unique model to address osteoporosis while attending to knee/ spine problems through clinical consultations and improvement in physical activity / Quality of life by Yoga and stretching exercises.

The Clinic is thankful to the Consultants (Dr Ashish Jain – Radiologist, Dr S. Mohite – Spine Consultant, Dr. V. Thakur –  Knee Consultant, Dr Dhruv Singh- Endocrinologist), Dr Satish Pathak – general Surgeon and Yoga Consultant and volunteers of Ambika Yog Kutir for offering their services free of charge to the benefit of the clinic clientele.

The services offered are :

  • Routine clinical examination and risk assessment for fracture
  • DXA test for bone mineral density estimation along with vertebral fracture assessment and body composition
  • Specialized Knee OPDs
  • Specialized Spine OPDs
  • Specialized Endocrine OPD
  • Yoga OPD (once a week)
  • Yoga classes (once a week on Saturdays) – a simple and easily accessible alternative method for improvement in Quality of life
  • Counselling on diet
  • Regular conduct of Camps in the community and clinic to create awareness of osteoporosis.

This multidisciplinary and comprehensive health care management is aimed at sensitizing community on osteoporosis/its sequels, preventing osteoporosis, and helping them towards improving compliance for osteoporosis treatment.








Contact person: 

Dr. Lalita Savardekar:  91-22-24192035